Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Providence Hires Drake's Keno Davis as Coach

So the Providence College Friars have finally got their coach, announcing today that Drake's Keno Davis was hired.

Drake had a great record this year but Keno Davis does not have much of a track record to go on as a coach. I think this is a wait and see situation as far as how Providence fans should view this hire. It is definitely too early to make a judgement on this hiring right now but I'm sure most Providence fans are just happy Tim Welsh is gone.

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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Larry Brown to Coach Providence College?

The latest Larry Brown rumor had him headed to Providence College, but it appears that Providence may go in a different direction now as Travis Ford is the newest candidate to be in discussions with Providence.

If Providence was able to get Larry Brown to replace Tim Welsh that would be a HUGE move for them. Brown would definitely be able to bring in some top flight recruits to a Providence team that has struggled lately to keep up with the other Big East teams.

However, if Brown is not the choice then Travis Ford would definitely be a good second option. He has revived the UMass program to some extent and I think he would be successful at Providence as well.