Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Will Daniels NBA Prospect? has their latest NBA Draft Prospect Watch up and they list URI's Will Daniels as a hot NBA prospect.

This is very suprising to me that he is considered a possible first round pick. Since the University of Rhode Island is my alma mater, I have seen most of the URI games this season and feel I could give a fair assessment of his talent. While he is a solid player, I really do not think he is athletic or quick enough to play small forward in the NBA. However, the article mentions that one of his strength's is his athleticism and I'm really not sure why they think this.

To me Daniels is like a poor man's version of Ryan Gomes and I think he will be a second round pick at best. I do like Will Daniels as a player, so I hope my talent assessment is off. I would be shocked if Daniels was a first round pick, unless he seriously works on his quickness and jump shooting before the draft.

Update: Check here for an update on Will Daniels NBA Draft status

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