Thursday, July 17, 2008

Telescopes - Reks feat Jon Hope & Lucky Dice

New joint from Reks off of his upcoming Grey Hairs album, featuring Jon Hope reppin' my home city of Providence. Jon Hope kills this joint by the way:

I wipe the sweat off my dome, spit the flem on the beat
In the street, they fight cold wars with heat
Believe the more drama, the more karma
It's not a myth, I was Hope before Obama
With the visions of the world where we educate the careless
I never lift weights, but I raise awareness.
I'm strong, my third eye see my first born quiver,
math class, harrassed when he first heard nigger,
I said, it's not the first nor the last,
but bored in class, use your brain like a gun shot blast,
and the impact will keep 'em intact when they provokin' 'em
I know it's in arm's reach, society Utopian
Now how you like them apples, pears, and oranges
You didn't think that this nigga here from Providence,
could change the world, as I stand in the session,
I'm not poor but I beg the answer

Telescopes - Reks feat Jon Hope & Lucky Dice

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