Monday, June 15, 2009

West Roxbury's Gerard Coleman Commits to Providence College

The PC Friars have gotten a verbal committment from Gerard Coleman, who is a big time high school basketball prospect from West Roxbury, Mass. Coleman is a 6'3, 185 pound shooting guard who is considered the 63rd best player in the high school class of 2010 and the 18th best SG overall, according to ESPN.

They also give Coleman an overall grade of 94, which means he is a "high major prospect", who "has the potential to significantly contribute as a freshman for most national programs. He could be a three- or four-year starter and have an opportunity for all-league honors."

Here are some scouting reports on Gerard Coleman, via ESPN:

April, 2009: Gerard is a lean lefty that plays efficient and smooth. Offensively he is a very good shooter beyond the arc and consistently shot the ball well from deep at the Boo Williams Nike invitational. He is very good off the bounce and slashes to the basket where he uses his athleticism and creativity to finish in traffic. His mid range game is a solid part of his game. His ability to drive to the rim, set up his mid game, where his quick leaping ability and use of angles allow him to score. Already a very good one on one player, if he can improve his mid game he has the potential to be a good scorer at the collegiate level. He has the physical tools and ball handling skills allow him to score in bunches, particularly in transition. Defensively he has quick feet and showed a tenacity to defend both on and off the ball. Improved strength and maturation will add to his overall game.

January, 2009: Coleman has a playing style, body-type, and on-court demeanor that closely resemble former NBA great Eddie Jones. Coleman, a southpaw, has range that extends out to the 3-point line and gets very good lift on his jumper, a testament to his very good leaping ability. He would enjoy more accuracy from distance if he keeps his shooting wrist cocked on the catch, creating a 90 degree angle with his arm, which would help to improve his follow-through. Coleman has good body control and a quick first step, getting to the basket with relative ease. He also uses his leaping ability to hang and adjust in air when he gets to the rim. Coleman has to add to his middle game by incorporating a pull-up jumper as a well as get significantly stronger in order to finish at the rim on the next level. When he dedicates himself, he does a very good job of moving his feet and using his long wing-span to pressure opposing ball-handlers. With added strength, he would become an even better on-ball defender. He has very wide shoulder which shots that he could get stronger and add more muscle to his wiry frame. Similar to Eddie Jones, he also plays passing lanes and anticipates for steals very well.

August, 2008: Gerard is developing into a prolific scorer. He knocks down the 3-point shot at a fairly consistent basis. When he gets into the paint he shows an under control middle game as he elevates over his defender. This lefty can get all the way to the rim and finish with his wiry strong body. At the basket he can take contact and score the ball or see the help defender and slither his way around to avoid the defense. In the open floor Gerard excels as he runs the break with scoring in mind always attacking with his eyes on the rim. He doesn't take many bad shots and is a willing passer. He goes to the offensive glass looking for put-backs or tip-in dunks with his strong athletic ability. Defensively he gets on the glass and shows the ability to rebound the ball and handle it on the break. On the perimeter he has the ability to keep his man out of the lane and needs to concentrate on that aspect. With his length he could be a disruptive defender.

July, 2008: Coleman really made his presence felt on the BABC team with his ability to score. He is a long thin lefty that is wiry strong. Coleman sprints the wing in transition and is a threat to not only get to the rim but he can shoot the three off the catch as well. His stroke looks good, he has a high release and good follow through. From the wing he is a slasher. Coleman likes to drive right to get all the way to the rim and left to shoot his floater in the lane. He is a good athlete that can elevate and he has touch to arc the ball over outstretched hands. He is also a pretty good ball handler and passer with the ability to penetrate and kick to an open teammate when the defense cuts him off. Coleman is a decent defensive rebounder but could be better with the speed and quickness he possesses. Defensively he is athletic enough to guard both guard positions. He must add strength but has all the tools to be an excellent college player. One of the true sleepers I saw this summer.

May, 2008: Long, young, athletic and very talented. Gerard is a work in progress. You can see how with maturity in the next two years he will continue to get better. He can shoot, dribble, pass and rebound. He plays very smooth and is under control. He does everything right. A good decision maker on the break, runs and jumps. Strength will help him in his progress. He needs to hit the weight room. Defense is an area he must work harder on and learn to play the ball hard and use more of his athletic ability to cause turnovers, steals and deflections. Unlimited potential for a sophomore.

December, 2007: Gerard is a very talented, but still somewhat raw offensive player. His greatest improvement needs to come in his overall consistency as he can dominate certain games and disappear from others. The lefty has a good looking jump shot that he can knock down from the three-point line and in. While he has a quick first step and a good enough handle to get past his man he is often bumped off the line off his drive thanks to his lean physique. His lack of upper body strength can also make finishing at the rim a challenge. Defensively, he is plenty quick laterally and extraordinarily long and consequently able to be very effective. Overall, he is a player with a high upside who needs more playing experience and increased muscle mass.

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