Friday, August 8, 2008

The Birth - Theo (Mixtape)

"...Welcome one, welcome all to my lovely city/it's Providence, yeah I know it ain't the obvious/the Renaissance, the rebirth, the city of hate...."

New mixtape from Theo reppin' my home city of Providence, Rhode Island. I had mentioned in my post of Theo's joint with Skyzoo that I was feelin' Jon Hope more out of all the Providence MC's, but make no mistake about it Theo is dope too.

So check this mixtape out cause it's pretty damn tight and you know it's gotta be tight for me to give it props because like Theo said Providence is the "city of the hate" and you gotta come extra correct to get props here. This gotta be one of the most negative places to live but hey it made me who I am, so I ain't complaining.

The Birth - Theo (Mixtape)


01. Hi
02. There's Meaning
03. Good Morning America
04. Sweetest Language
05. T.V .Show (My Life)
06. Hola Oh Theo
07. Star Struck
08. Lightwork
09. Dillagence
10. Ridin Down The Freeway
11. Keep Doing Your Thing ft. Skyzoo
12. Grammy Family (Gramphone Flow)
13. Creator
14. High Life ft. J.A.M.E.S Watts
15. Somethin' For Me
16. iDream
17. Theo 'till Infinity

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