Sunday, August 17, 2008

Demetrius Andrade Loses Controversial Bout To Kim Jung-joo

Andrade lost an 11-9 decision to Kim Jungjoo of Korea. He was so upset at the decision, that Andrade walked out of the ring before the decision was announced. "It was no disrespect for the other fighter, but it was pointless for me to be in there," said Andrade. "There's no way he hit me 11 times. I blocked him, he probably scored three or four points, but not more than that."

Why am I not surprised that Demetrius Andrade is getting robbed of a gold medal? Boxing at the Olympics is a joke and the judging needs to be revamped. I haven't seen the fight yet as it will be airing this afternoon between 3-7 PM ET on CNBC. It certainly sounds like Andrade should have won, so I suggest you check it out and decide for yourself. Don't let them get you down Demetrius, just turn pro and take it out on the competition. The city of Providence knows who the true Olympic gold medal winner should be.

Here is the story via USA Today:

Earlier welterweight Demetrius Andrade, the reigning world champion, failed to advance, dropping an 11-9 decision to Jungjoo Kim of Korea at Workers' Gymnasium.

Kim, bronze medalist in 2004, was no pushover, but Andrade felt robbed by the judging.

"Honestly, this don't make other kids want to come here or do this Olympic thing at all," Andrade said. "To come here and get treated like that (by judges) — what's the point in coming?

"The fights I've seen, Rau'shee (Warren) got robbed, Raynell Williams got robbed. I was throwing a lot of punches but (the judges) weren't giving me my points…..It's a shame how it happened like that."

Andrade fell behind 1-0 in the final seconds of the first period. The boxers were feeling each other out, twice being ordered to "box" by referee Hassen Boughalmi of Tunisia.

Andrade attacked early in the second round, tying the fight 1-1, but the Korean counterpunched his way to a 2-1 advantage. Although Andrade contunied to be the aggressor, Kim led 4-3 after two rounds.

The action heated up in the third period with the fighters trading punches. Each fighter slipped to the canvas in the first minute of the round, attempting to land effective blows. Andrade trailed 8-5 after a clean right by Kim but made it 8-6 at the end of the period.

Andrade's best punches failed to produce enough points from the judges in the final period, even though he twice sent Kim to the floor with punches and pushes.

Andrade, a 20-year-old from Providence, survived a tight 11-9 decision against Kakhaber Jvania of Georgia in his preliminary round fight, then routed Andrey Balanov of Russia in his second bout.

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