Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fan & Brother of Jeff Xavier Walks On Court At Marquette-Providence Game

If you haven't been to my home city of Providence, then this is the type of shit you can expect. Nice security at The Dunk. After this poor no call, I'm surprised the whole arena didn't rush the court. Story via Projo Hoops Blog and video via College Fast Break:

Keno Davis grew up going to basketball games and has coached at the collegiate level since 1995. He's seen a lot of things but never what he saw last night early in the second half of PC's 91-82 loss to Marquette.

With 17:15 left, Jeff Xavier drove to the hoop and was scraped in the face. No foul was called and Geoff McDermott scooped up the loose ball and was fouled by Joseph Fulce.

Xavier rolled on the court in pain, holding his right eye and continually kicking his legs as trainers rushed to his aid. Xavier made it to the PC bench but as McDermott waited to take his free throws, a man brazenly walked onto the floor and up to referee Todd Williams. The man was later identified by Dunkin' Donuts Center general manager Larry Lepore as Jonathan Xavier, a brother of Jeff Xavier. The man began to yell at the referee but never touched him before security guards finally grabbed him and pulled him off the floor. Lepore said Jonathan Xavier was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.

PC's Davis, as well as Marquette coach Buzz Williams, could not believe their eyes.

``Scary,'' said Williams. ``I've never seen anything like that. I just wanted to pull my team off the court and get them away from that.''

Davis was equally amazed. ``I've seen some interesting things,'' he said. ``I've been going to games since I was born so I've seen some really unusual things but that one probably doesn't even make the list.''

Players from both teams were remarkably unfazed. Marquette senior Jerel McNeal said he's seen fans walk onto the floor in high school games back home in Chicago. PC guard Marshon Brooks replaced Xavier in the Friar lineup and while he said he wasn't sure what was going on, he said he knows Jonathan Xavier. ``I know him. I wasn't scared. He thought that his brother got fouled, I guess. He wanted to get an explanation.''

Davis said he was concerned about his team's safety and is hoping that The Dunk's security force can be improved. ``I'm sure that the staff here at the Dunk will work to be better prepared,'' he said. ``Just like we go through a game, you try to get better for the next time. We've got to make sure that we increase the security and how are they going to handle things (in the future). It's just unique.''

Jeff Xavier's status for PC's game against Cincinnati on Monday night is unclear. He did not return to the game last night and was sorely missed.

``I haven't talked to our trainer but his eye was completely closed in the locker room,'' said Davis. ``It looked like he had been in a fight. I don't believe there was a foul called on that play. It was that type of scrappy contest where guys were fighting as hard as they could.''

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