Thursday, January 29, 2009

Providence's Jonathan Kale Is Becoming A Prime-Time Player?

Via Kevin McNamara of ProJo Sports:

Jonathan Kale is picking the perfect time to play the best basketball of his career at Providence College. After three seasons of inconsistent play (and minutes), the former St. Andrew’s School big man has become a rock inside for the Friars as a senior. The 6-foot-8 big man played one of his finest games last night as he pounded his way inside for 14 points and six rebounds as the Friars more than held their own against Syracuse’s physical front line.

Kale said once the Friars discovered that SU center Arinze Onuaku may not play or may not be 100 percent, he knew the PC big men needed to step up. That’s what happened as Kale, Geoff McDermott (15 points, 6 boards) and Randall Hanke (12 points, 6 rebounds) all contributed. “It’s a credit to our guards and our point guard. They did a great job of finding us,” said Kale. The three post players did a fine job of gaining position inside Syracuse’s trademark 2-3 defense. That’s the same defense that the Friars used an awful lot over the last few seasons under former coach Tim Welsh. “We knew that we would find a lot of little creases because we’re used to playing against that (zone) because we used to play it the last few years with coach Welsh,” said Kale.

Kale was a 50 percent career shooter in his first three seasons, but he’s much more productive this season. He’s hitting nearly 60 percent of his shots now, and also expanding his game a bit more with a 12-foot jump shot. “Day by day, just getting some shots up,” is how Kale says he has improved his offensive game.
Kale has improved this season, but calling him a PTP'er is a little far in my mind. Kale is a nice role player, but he isn't someone who can take over a game or create his own shot. He is averaging 10.3 points and 5.3 rebounds, while shooting 59.7% from the field, so he has been efficient for sure and has certainly helped the Friars. However, to me the closest thing to a prime time player on this team has got to be Marshon Brooks, who has been excellent this season for the Friars. I expect as the season goes on, we might see Brooks be the go to guy at the end of games for PC.

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