Monday, March 16, 2009

PC Friars To Face Miami Hurricanes In NIT

The Friars will get to host Miami in the first round of the NIT because Miami did not want to host the game. Doesn't make sense to me since they will have to pay to send their team to Providence and would probably have made at least some money if they played the game at home. I ain't complaining though.

Here's how the matchup breaks down:

Providence (Ranks)

Overall Efficiency: .778 (80)
Offensive Efficiency: 111.2 (45)
Defensive Efficiency: 99.7 (138)
Off. Effective FG %: 50.9 (100)
Def. Effective FG%: 50.5 (240)
Off. Turnover %: 19.6 (129)
Def. Turnover %: 19.9 (194)
Off. Rebound %: 36.5 (56)
Def. Rebound %: 63.6 (297)
Off. FT Rate: 39.3 (95)
Def. FT Rate: 29.0 (23)

Miami (Ranks)

Overall Efficiency: .876 (40)
Offensive Efficiency: 111.3 (43)
Defensive Efficiency: 93.9 (51)
Off. Effective FG %: 49.4 (152)
Def. Effective FG%: 45.9 (43)
Off. Turnover %: 19.2 (97)
Def. Turnover %: 18.3 (297)
Off. Rebound %: 38.5 (24)
Def. Rebound %: 68.5 (121)
Off. FT Rate: 38.9 (108)
Def. FT Rate: 30.2 (44)

This should be a good matchup between these two teams. They played last year at a neutral site with Miami winning by 6. Most of the players who played in that game are still on each team, but PC now has Shaurad Curry to help them out. Both teams are about equal on offense, but Miami has the better defense. The Friars play at a faster pace than Miami, so whoever dictates the pace of this game will probably win it. I think Jack McClinton is going to absolutely torch PC and could easily put up 30 plus points in this game. Miami is actually a lot better than their record shows. I think if this game was on the road, then PC would lose, but since they are at home then I think they will win this game.

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