Friday, March 13, 2009

PC Loses to Louisville, Headed To NIT

PC lost to Louisville in the Big East Tournament and I would be shocked to see them make the NCAA Tournament. Most likely they will be headed to the NIT. They are probably better off there anyway.

Here are my thoughts about this game and PC's tournament chances:

- Jeff Xavier please stop shooting the ball. If it wasn't for the fact that Marshon Brooks kept turning the ball over, you wouldn't even be on the court. You shot a couple of the biggest bricks from three I've ever seen in my life. You shot 29.7% from three on the season, so why the hell do you keep shooting?

- The Friars were way too sloppy with the ball and there's no reason for it. They just played dumb with the ball and could have won this game because Louisville did not have their best shooting game.

- I am not overly impressed with Louisville on offense. I still think they aren't that good of a shooting team and will not reach the Final 4. With UConn & Pitt both losing though, it looks like they could wind up being a #1 seed.

- We are going to find out just how much the NCAA committee values 10 Big East conference wins. Whether PC gets in or not, expect there to be people outraged on both sides of the issue. I still think they are probably out, but also getting the short end of the stick, because they played so many great teams. It's hard to beat all of them. For instance, PC is something like 6-12 against the top 100, but that includes 2-7 against the Top 50. If the Friars never played anyone from the top 50 and just played teams from 50-100 they would be 4-5 against those teams. So I think that the overall record isn't important against the top 100, people should just look at the total number of wins, which I believe is 6 and then compare that to the other bubble teams. They still might end up looking worse, but I think that would be a better comparison.

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