Friday, February 20, 2009

Mount Pleasant High School's Billy Soriano - Scouting Report

I kind of stumbled across this on accident, but apparently Billy Soriano is a pretty decent college basketball prospect according to the scouting report over at ESPN's Scouts, Inc.:

Soriano, though small, plays with a big heart and gets the most out of his ability on the court. He has good quickness and cunningly changes speeds with the dribble, which keeps bigger defenders from getting into his chest and knocking him off-balance. Soriano has an awkward release, but he connects on jumpers with range that extends out to the 3-point line. He really impresses with his passing ability, easily getting to the paint and finding open teammates for scoring chances. Soriano also gets extra scoring chances for his team by anticipating in passing lanes for steals. He needs to do a better job of playing position defense instead of allowing the dribbler to get past him and gambling for steals from behind. Soriano will benefit from adding a nice floater to his offensive toolbox.

They gave him an overall grade of 75 and here is an explantion of what that grade means:

73-76: Low-major prospect: Player should be a solid contributor and two- or three-year starter at a low-major program.

So basically that means Soriano should be able to play for teams in a lower conference, which is generally a team that comes from a conference that gets only one bid. A team the caliber of a Vermont, Kent State, or Holy Cross for instance might be the highest level of team he could play for. Worst case scenario, he would end up playing in one of those conferences that get ranked as the 15th or 16th seeds in every NCAA Tournament, like a Morgan State, Robert Morris, American, or Belmont. Since he's from Rhode Island, my guess is that if he doesn't end up in the Big East or A-10, then he will probably end up in one of the following conferences: America East, Northeast, Patriot, Colonial Athletic, or MAAC. He is still just a sophomore too, so if he continues to develop then his rating might increase, which would make him more attractive to some bigger name schools.

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