Wednesday, February 11, 2009

PC Fans: Rudest & Ugliest In The Big East

I found this article pretty funny, because if you live in RI, then you know this state is pretty negative, so I wouldn't doubt that PC fans are the rudest in the Big East. The crowd at Friar games can get pretty worked up when the refs make bad calls, but usually the players on opposing teams don't get harrassed too much, so not sure how legit that part of the story is. Via ProJo Sports:

Are Providence College fans the rudest, ugliest in the Big East?

A story in Tuesday’s edition of the Syracuse Post-Standard claimed that PC’s fans yell some of the dirtiest things at opponents . The story claimed that one unidentified Big East representative said, "the people at Providence have no idea how bad their reputation is around the league."

Reached on Tuesday, Big East associate commissioner John Paquette said he had no knowledge of who the report could be quoting and declined to offer a characterization of PC fans.

"We’re not in that business and never comment on fans of a particular school," he said.

The Big East strives to promote sportsmanship, as does PC. The school has worked to organize a student fan group, the Friar Fanatics, that is directed not to swear or taunt opposing players.

During the PC-Syracuse game last month, PC’s student fans yelled some derogatory remarks at both Jonny Flynn and Eric Devendorf but PC athletic director Bob Driscoll said he knows PC does not own a bad reputation in the league.

"I sit with (commissioner) Mike Tranghese and (associate commissioner) John Marinatto and they have never told me anything like that, so I don’t put any credence in that," said Driscoll. "We have gone out of our way to work with our fans and our students this year to come up with creative, humorous cheers. We’ve made progress but I would say that fans around the nation need to do a better job and be more respectful in that regard. It is part of our mission statement that our fans act with dignity and class."

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