Monday, February 2, 2009

UConn Ranks #1 In AP Polls, PC Receives 14 votes?

The latest AP Top 25 poll has the UConn Huskies ranked as the #1 teams, which is cool with me, since I happen to think they are the best team, but PC got 14 votes?:

For the fourth straight week, there's a new No. 1 in college basketball. Connecticut jumped from No. 2 to the top spot in The Associated Press' Top 25 Monday, replacing Duke. This is the Huskies' first time at No. 1 since 2006. The last three No. 1s all remained in the top seven: No. 6 Pittsburgh, No. 7 Wake Forest and No. 4 Duke. The Blue Devils lost last week to Wake Forest on a last-second shot. Connecticut received 64 first-place votes from the 72-member national media panel. Oklahoma was No. 1 on five ballots. Providence College (14-7) received 14 votes in the poll. North Carolina moved from fifth to third in the rankings. Completing the top 10 were Duke, Louisville, Pittsburgh, Wake Forest, Marquette, Xavier and Clemson. (ProJo Sports)
Wow, 14 votes? Really? I'm shocked in a way, because they did beat Syracuse this week, but they got absolutely blasted by UConn and have only a 14-7 record. Maybe if they played a tight game against UConn then I could see them getting some votes, but not after getting creamed by more than 30 points.

The 14 votes was more than the following teams: USC 8, Notre Dame 7, Siena 4, Kansas State 4, Northeastern 3, Ohio State 3, Kentucky 2, Arizona 2, Florida State 1, Northern Iowa 1, Virginia Military 1. I'm not going to say they are worse than any of those teams, except maybe Kentucky, but in the coaches poll the Friars didn't even get a vote. So how is it that they get 14 votes in one poll and ZERO in another? Doesn't make much sense to me, but I'm gonna have to side with the coaches on this one, because I don't believe PC is the 35th best school in the country right now.

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